Magical Girls vs Gloombots: Rabbit Rescue (for Alissa)

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A silly little thing for Alissa for Sekret Santa 2021.

A: Left
D: Right
W: Jump
Return or Space: Interact
Mouse click

I tried to get as many things in from the wishlist as I could; I think I did okay on that score at least:

my wishlist this year:
~ chill, relaxing, cozy vibes
~ cute
~ exploration!
~ magical girls or witches or magic in general
~ anthropomorphic/furry characters
~ gay or trans as heck
~ really really tiny metroidvania
~ collecting stuff
~ card game
~ pretty crystals
~ visual novel/interactive fiction
~ space whales or space jellyfish or just space as an ocean in general
~ bunnies
~ tricky puzzles
~ sad robots
~ arcadey high-score type game
~ rain sounds
~ bounciness
~ meeting quirky and unique characters
~ non-violent
~ secrets to find
~ weird control scheme or movement mechanics
~ climbing to the top of a tall thing
~ really short but with replayability
~ weird plants

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I think one of the greatest

I think one of the greatest strengths of MMF is that it's possible to prototype and implement a dozen ideas in a short span of time, and have them work together well. This game is a really good showcase of that: there's a lot of diversity of content on display here, from FMV cutscenes to dialogue systems to jumpndodge type business, because every little zone can be built and implemented independently. It was really fun to play and just see how much stuff was in it!