sleepy boy clone

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couldn't stop thinking about mkapolk's 'sleepy boy' game (, i think its a great game and i wanted to figure out how it works so i tried to make a clone of it.

i tried to be as faithful to the original as possible, but there were some things i couldn't figure out or was too lazy to reproduce exactly.
it was a fun exercise, very laborious but i learned a lot, i recommend it.

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this is so awesome, and very

this is so awesome, and very flattering

in a funny coincidence i think i made this level with the trick i learned from ihavefivehat when i cloned their zang zurfers way back when - making a shape and then cloning, rotating, resizing, and rotating it. good job finding the song, i had completely forgotten about it. the lack of the munching donuts is pretty conspicuous though.

oh wow you're right about

oh wow you're right about the munching donuts, i added them earlier but they got switched off somehow. it's funny i never noticed, i've added them back in now. glad you pointed it out. thanks for playing! thanks for the inspiration!

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This is really mesmerizing.

This is really mesmerizing. Especially after playing mkapolk's version.
Kinda makes me want to make a clone of this too..

yeah do it! let a thousand

yeah do it! let a thousand sleepy boys bloom...