I came here looking for an old game someone made and decided to make a blog post!!!

I'm still around and still making games! I do miss my trainwreck days. I've thought about going back to it now and then, but my life has changed too much since dem wild west daze.

Hope everyone here is doing well!!! Thank you for keeping the trainwreck dream alive!!!


Lol, I just looked at my

Lol, I just looked at my account and it's been over 12 years since I created it, excuse me while I turn into dust.

Also I still post some of my

Also I still post some of my experiments on itch.io sometimes...


And I'm part of a small collective known as THE NEON INFINITE though we haven't put out anything big yet (will we ever??? i hope so):


We did organise a charity jam a while back though, and put our little games in a couple other charity bundles, so I'm proud to be involved.

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It's good to see you here

It's good to see you here again. Your username is showing up as both Cycle and HulkHandsome on the recent changes page... I'm guessing you changed it, but that's still quite mysterious!