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This is a clone of gurnburial's 'sleepy boy clone' which itself is a clone of mkapolk's 'sleepy boy' game.
You can quit when you want but you cannot leave.

Sleepy Boy Clone:
Sleepy Boy:

This was a very meditative process. I'm not sure how faithful it is to the original as I only looked at gurnburial's version while making this and I had to try to get it done in under a day. Unfortunately I couldn't get the movement working quite right and also the boxes don't have the right bounciness. But I still learned quite a bit and had a magical time doing this sleepy boy rush. I can highly recommend making a sleepy boy clone or clone-clone for yourself!!

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sorry, made a mistake

sorry, made a mistake uploading the game files. Fixing it now!

The sleepy boys are all fixed up now! (shouldn't submit glorious trainwrecks just before going to bed I guess :] zZzzz...)

ahaha, amazing..!

ahaha, amazing..!

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I enjoy seeing these...

I enjoy seeing these, and noticing the little ways each one has been different from each other. You can see it most in the bushes... everyone scribbled theirs in a subtly unique way.