warm swamp (for spiders)

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Challenge the warm swamp, casting spells from your spell card deck to aid you on your journey

WASD to move, mouse to cast spells, arrow keys to use computers
skip levels by editing your save file lol

edit: fixed a crash when dying while holding r

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Wowie, this is though!

Wowie, this is though! DX

For the past couple of days I've been trying to beat level 3 but I just cannot make it past the spinning blade #rip

I've had a peak at the later levels and am really amazed by it all. Figuring out the strategy is really fun especially with the card stacking mechanic which I really love. Not sure if I'll ever properly make it past level 3 though haha. Also the music is really good!

I've noticed a bug though, where if you try to restart at the same time you die the game crashes. Not sure the exact conditions, but happend to me a couple of times at the level 3 pit. Not much of a problem for me but I imagine in the later levels this might be an issue when you don't immediately have access to a boyfriend altar.

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lol sorry about the difficulty

lol sorry about the difficulty, i went absolutely overboard when designing the levels. i'll admit that i myself haven't beaten half of the levels to completion, but I am pretty sure they are all possible.

There's a trick to get past the spinning blade in level 3, rot13:
gur fcvaavat oynqr vf fcrpvsvpnyyl cynprq fb gung vg vf hanibvqnoyr jura ragrevat gur ebbz sebz nobir. ubjrire, vs lbh ragre gur ebbz gb gur yrsg, jnvg sbe gur oynqr gb zbir bhg bs gur jnl, lbh pna fnsryl ragre gur ebbz sebz nobir naq pbyyrpg gur xrl.

I think i might know what could be causing the crash, i'll see if I can fix it
glad to hear you're otherwise enjoying it!

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I really, really enjoyed the

I really, really enjoyed the small bit I was able to complete. The spell stacking, casting, and puzzle design is great, and (almost) every time I died, I felt like I knew exactly what I needed to do. Each room has done a pretty great job of teaching you the mechanics. I love the game's aesthetic, too.

But it's really hard! I sat down for the second night trying to beat the first level after the tutorial, and I just get stuck at the bit where you have to draw flowers to get the keys in the rooms with the spikes. Between the sawblade, the branching paths, drawing just the right flower stem(s), and the nuances of jumping on and climbing flowers, it feels like there's just a little too much that I need to learn all at once with a fairly high cost for failure. Which is a shame, because I really love what you've got going on here, and I want to be able to complete this game!

I went ahead and skipped to the start of each level just to get an idea of what the rest of the game's like, and it definitely is such a huge achievement, especially given the length of the jam! I just wish I could git good.