Rapid Prototyping - Grand Theft Shmup

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After the success* of "Penguins Are Attacking Your Dude!" I thought I would get back into MMF "programming" again.

After a while, I got off my arse and started doing something.

An hour or two after that, Grand Theft Shmup v0.01 was born!

The gist of it is that you are the dot, and you have to kill bad guys. You can steal enemy ships by bumping into them, and then use those ships against the enemy! Like in that popular car-jacking murder sim everyone loves. ;)

The controls are:
Arrow Keys - Move
Shift - Dash (while in dot mode) or Shoot (while in Ship mode)
Control - Overload Ship (Destroys ship to fire many bullets)

As a prototype, it exists to create the outline for a project. The prototype should show that the finished game will fill in all the requirements. As I am mainly making the game as a hobby for myself as well as maybe a talking point for any interviews and stuff, the goals are:

- Game should be at least vaguely in the Shmup genre.
- Game should be enjoyible and complelling from the first go.
- Game should be pick up and play. To be more specific, the player should be able to play the game is short bursts.
- Game should use the ship stealing mechanic to good effect, using it to give the player many options in gameplay.
- Game should be deterministic. If the player enters the same input 5 times, she should get the same result 5 times.
- Game should have a high amount of polish, and should be bug free (note that the prototype will not have this point. It's only like a really small demo to show what the finished product will be like)

Download is HERE

Please tell me what you think of it!

*=I finished it, about 5 people played it, and no one has sued me or burned down my house yet, so it was a success!