2012 in 1 Pirate Kart poster

Hey all, does anyone remember who made the poster for the Pirate Kart kickstarter? I have one, but hoping whoever created it still has the PSD or whatever files so I can make a new, less worn print of it! I asked Spindley who thought it was ExciteMike, but they don't remember a poster at all. Here is the kickstarter page for those who don't remember:


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that was a couple years

that was a couple years before my time. you could ask on the altg discord that many GT folks are on.
another possibility, the credit for logo/video on the kickstarter is Dan Fitzgeland. Their linked twitter doesn't work but I think this is same person, and they have an email linked from there that appears current http://www.danfitzgeraldav.com/

Good luck! Is this for personal use poster, or are you trying to do some archiving of sorts?

It's for personal use! The

It's for personal use! The one I have has seen better days (it is ten years old after all) and I want to print a new one up to remind me of my old days.

I emailed Dan, but who knows if he checks that address... so many links on that site are dead! I'll let you all know