Zombie Killer

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This was my 2nd game made with Stencyl.
Old archived webpage: https://web.archive.org/web/20201206003856/https://chris24xd.itch.io/zombie-killer (btw when l ask about WHO HACKED IT, l didn't know l mistakely had put permissions lol)

---------------Old Description: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hello guys.
This is my 2nd game that l made with Stencyl.
l don't wanna make you got tired so play freely or read this information:
Oh noes...
Zombies and other mobs entered in the Earth to kill you and you must pass Levels to unlock weapons and new mobs. You unlock 1 mob and 1 weapon when you pass each 3 Levels.
How to Play:

Practise Mode:
Spacebar: Use sword.
Click on "Spawn Zombie!!!" button to spawn a zombie.
Normal Mode:
- At level 2 and later...
- Up Arrow: Make Player Jump.
Click on weapons to use them.
End of The Demo...
Left Arrow: Move Player Left.
Right Arrow: Move Player Right.
- Warning: The has lots of bugs that l'll fix them later.
OR tell in the comments the bugs.
Future Updates:
- l'll fix those bugs.
- Add 5 more maps.
And other more things... (which l didn't do sadly :'( )
Game Created: Chris24XD
App Used: Stencyl

Made For: 
An event