Date Anything %Any Percent

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Speedrun dating as a skeleton in order to get presents.

I made this game from scratch in 67 minutes and its uh, a game. I don't know if I would recommend playing this.

(you might need the 2k3 rtp in order to run the game but not sure, I think I've put the essentials in.)

Moss Salamander
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An event


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yessssssssss! this looks

yessssssssss! this looks super hot
unfortunately I get a server error when trying to download. perhaps because of the % in the filename?

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That was the issue! It

That was the issue! It should work now!

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This was lovely. Also I

This was lovely. Also I think I now have the official worldrecord in dating a stick?!? Someone please call GDQ at once.
Also I love that the chipset is called "YES"

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really cute game. reminds me

really cute game. reminds me of 'my bones will grow a forest'

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Thanks!! I'm checking out

Thanks!! I'm checking out that game rn and it is really interesting.