Video Game Anomalies


so I recently stumbled upon some youtube video and it got me thinking..
thinking about stupid stuff that is so this will be just a ramble mostly
feel free to ignore it

I sort of remember searching for FPS games or list of FPS games and somehow
Chub Gam 3-D and Red Babe usually found their ways onto these lists
and I mean among the big ones like hanging out with Doom and Duke3D
the greats there was usually Chub Gam for some reason
and i'm not sure why it was selected among the many other GCS games
but to this day you can find it on wikipedia, it seems to be everywhere
(I wouldn't be surprised if congress has a floppy of Chub Gam for being
culturally significant)

and I'm not pro or against Chub Gam it's just strange to me how it seems
to be everywhere .. maybe it's just me

another similar anomaly is that at a time I remember nearly every game
developer interviews mentioned that the guy or gal has worked on
Project Gotham Racing in the past in some sort of role
so it was just like some random game and they would mention
XY or so and so has previously on the team for Project Gotham Racing
apparently everyone and their dog has worked on Project Gotham Racing
which also has nothing to do with batman it's some sort of other Gotham
i'm not exactly sure about that part

other similar anomalies:
- whenever Tim Curry appears on a talk show he always gets introduced
as the guy from Rocky Horror Picture Show (despite being on hundreds of other
projects, movies, tv shows, games whatever since then)

- Mega Man always ends up as called the "Blue Bomber" and it makes no sense
afaik the games didn't bomb and he is not using bombs in the games
I mean he is not exactly bomberman who literally uses bombs

Has anyone experienced or remember any similar things?


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I swear I had never heard of

I swear I had never heard of Chub Gam before this post (it looks surprisingly cool to me) or Red Babe for that matter... I suspect it's some kind of curse and now I'll start noticing them everywhere...

one late reply

I thought at first maybe I just live in some anomaly zone I don't know..
but then I just found that it appeared here years ago as well:

also I swear at a point Project Gotham racing was everywhere