GT 15th Anniversary Klik Jam

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Fri, Apr 22 2022 05:00 PM
04/22/2022 - 17:00
05/01/2022 - 23:59

24th of April is Glorious Trainwrecks' 15th anniversary, so let's have a game jam! We'll start two days before and go about a week after. Feel free to add games made before then as well. Participants may make games in Klik'n'Play, Knytt Stories, Construct, Clickteam Fusion, Game Maker, Ren'py, Bitsy, RPG Maker, Powerpoint, or anything that games can be made in. (Please let people know if your game requires anything special to play, though!)

--Make a game in two hours
--Make a game that looks like it was made in two hours
--Make a game in a new-to-you engine
--Make a game in an older/more "basic" engine
--Make a game celebrating the LBGT+ community
--Make a game about your favorite game
--Make a game about your daily life
--Make a game about anything you want!
and most importantly of all...
--Have fun!!!

Games made for GT 15th Anniversary Klik Jam


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currently getting owned

currently getting owned by the flu(?) but we have done this so far:

KS natively supports 24x24 tiles and this tileset mimics 16x16 tiles which makes this extra fun/awful/fawful

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It's wonderful, and I will

It's wonderful, and I will absolutely use it for something. Thank you!

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trans wizard

hi I made the klik & play wizard a trans flag cloak

its not the best cause i made it at 9 AM
feel free to use with or without credit

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