alphabet prototype

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alphabet prototype

by nikki whom bee

ATTENTION: the audio in this prototype can be loud, so I recommend turning your volume down before playing, to avoid being startled. also, the graphics may be hard on your eyes, so please quit if it's causing you any irritation.

this was an experimental prototype I made 3 years ago meant to try a few different things at once. possibly the most interesting to me, and unfortunately the biggest issue, was using a generative sound extension, by Looki, that I found on a Clickteam forum somewhere. it works great and can make some really wild audio pieces with little effort. unfortunately, it seems to *only* work in Clickteam's editor itself. the game crashes if I try to build it as an exe. so, this version of the game has pre-compiled sound effects that I think are good.

if you are interested in seeing what the generated audio can be like, and own a copy of Clickteam Fusion 2.5, check out the "dev version" folder included here!

- launch "_.exe"
- you don't have to do anything at the intro, but you could try
- once the prototype has begun, move with the arrow keys or wasd
- you can resize the window by the maximize button or dragging an edge
- finish the prototype by demonstrating mastery of language
- upon reaching a finished state, the prototype will close automatically
- you can also press Escape to quit early

Code: me
Graphics: Clickteam
Extensions Used:
Named Variable Object by z33z
Sound Generator by Looki
Sound Player by Looki
SFX: made from Sound Generator, edited in Audacity
Music: a midi I processed in OpenMPT, I don't remember what it was though

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Made For: 
An event


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beautiful little experiment here

beautiful little experiment here

I could imagine it being in a little forgotten corner of an art exhibit with a big silly arcade stick

bill gates hates glorious trainwrecks and quarantined the exe thinking it is a trojan :(
I got the dev version to run though so it's okay

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I love your art exhibit

I love your art exhibit imagination, I like the idea of different people picking it up halfway through a session and understanding it just as much as a previous player :)

bill gates more like (dollar) bill gate$ (because he cares about nothing but money)
- nikki