sharecart jam '22-'23

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Sun, Oct 16 2022 11:15 PM
10/16/2022 - 23:15
10/16/2023 - 23:15

(what the heck is sharecart?)

4 years ago minus 1 month there were messages in altgamez...

suddenly out of nowhere the sharecart jam became a REALITY..... how did this occur?? the only way to defeat the sharecart jam and send it back to the hypothetical realm is to make a sharecart game within a measly 365 days.. good luck...

sharecart is a thing where games made with sharecart have a specific save file structure that is compatible with all other sharecart games, even though the data therein is not necessarily interpreted the same... which is part of the fun. play one game and have it save, then use that same save file on another game and see whatever effect it might have. this page explains it better than we can.

sharecart module for lua and love2d:
if you're using luajit/love2d you may want to take a look at the bitop module to make the most use out of misc0-3 (16 bits per misc)

(also, mapX and mapY holding up to 1024 values is a lot if you interpret them to refer to individual rooms (e.g. a zelda-like or knytt-like game), especially if you want higher values of mapX/mapY from other sharecart games to do something in your game... will you procedurally generate 1024x1024 rooms? will you have rooms outside of the defined map boundaries be random noise? will you cause invalid room values to point to a random valid room value when loaded? perhaps mapX and mapY correspond to tiles? will invalid mapX/mapYs simply cause the game to say "invalid save data"? or is there a much more sensible possibility entirely that we missed???)

for some pre-existing sharecart games see teacart 1k complete (a neat free bundle w/ a loader and "reset cart" functionality attached), the sharecart1000 tag (some overlap with teacart), and whatever games are still up on the official-i-think sharecart site

Games made for sharecart jam '22-'23


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okay i checked these links

okay i checked these links and get the idea and remember when people made these games a long time ago. but now that i've been coding in lua/love2d i think i get roughly how to integrate it but would be helpful to see an example game file! point me at one if you can.