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Gradi-ASS ver. 1.0 - by Ray Ayanami

The Gradian starship Vic Viper has been sentenced to death by Miclus attack for not being three-dimensional. As the Vic Viper, you must survive the onslaught of Micluses.

Shoot Micluses until you hit the target score of 100,000,000. Running into a Miclus will take off a life. The game ends when you earn 100,000,000 points or lose all three lives.

Arrow keys = Move around
Z = Fire

Legal stuff:
The Vic Viper and Gradius are (C)1985-2010 by Konami Corporation.
The Micluses is (C)heckifiknow-2010 by Seibu-Kaihatsu Inc.
This game is not licensed by, endorsed by, or otherwise affiliated with Konami Corporation or Seibu-Kaihatsu Inc.

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