Cute Jump 2 Sequel 2

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made for sylvie's jam 1, as such it fits the following theme:

"A game that you hate but it has a cute kitten in it, so it's impossible to insult the kitten. The kitten can ride a boat sometimes. When you try to buy from the shop there's a random chance something bad happens. The boat is hard to control precisely. When you die, you have to rebuild the boat by playing a puzzle game style sequence. There is an enemy (jellyfish) who appears when the timer runs out and tries to get you. There must be island gameplay and boat gameplay. The goal is only to get money and buy expensive items."

an attempt at recreating sylvie-style frustration in a world of cute things. a fansequel to cute jump (but also uses none of the mechanics from cute jump that weren't already in jumper (boats are kind of like birds though)).

Contains mildly existentialist dialogue. Some jankiness may also result in sprites rapidly flickering position (if you enter a boat while standing right next to bouncy tiles), or two adjacent rooms rapidly flickering on the screen (if you move into the "seam" of walls vertically connecting two rooms).

see also . that page also has the .love version, to be opened with love2d, in case you're not on windows.

(fixed lack of any levelsets to play, redownload if lack of content proved disappointing)

also download the "sount drack"

Made For: 
An event


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bug report! The levelsets

bug report! The levelsets are blank for me, which does not seem intended!

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you can interpret this as

you can interpret this as INTENDED as it is a commentary on how oversaturated the modern game is with content. or you can download the fixed build that includes the main levelset, which i accidentally left in my "external levelsets" folder to make it accessible through the dev editor.