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Okay, not only did you delete my game, but you banned me for no reason.
Isn't this a place for freedom of creativity?
I didn't insult anyone or do anything. I just made my funny game and even stated in advance that the game was a joke.
You banned my friends first and then you just banned me without any warning or request to remove the game.
You have Kubus games in your collection, yet you ban users for just playing a joke game.
You hypocritical bastards.

Yes, there is nudity in this game, but this man is lying.
The ideas of the game itself are stupid random scrimmages with random sound to make people just have fun.

I'll attach a picture here from a user.
First of all, it's none of your business to watch other people's accounts.
Second, I didn't say such a thing. I'm okay with LGBT people and I have LGBT friends.
And I never said anything about the LGBT flag being unrealistic.
Third, it's not just fucking porn, the very idea of a screemer-seeker is dumb to just make people laugh when they click.
I didn't do it for the porn, I did it for the fun.

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Glad you had fun. The ban

Glad you had fun. The ban stays.

As the person who has paid for and run this site for 15 years, it is actually OK for me to look at the public internet presence of people who post here to help determine if I am comfortable hosting their work. Your actions on Twitter* betray a casual ignorant bigotry that is dangerous to others here. Booba Game is similarly careless; putting "it's a joke, relax" in the description of a game that is nothing but random short video clips of women's breasts and vulvas without their faces visible does not really do anything to stop that from making people uncomfortable. I don't want it here, I do not want to attract the sort of people who think that posting it here would be perfectly fine and uncontroversial, and the other folks in the community that I've spoken to agree.

You have also finally convinced me that hosting the Kubus archive on this domain is doing more harm than good, so I've deleted it. Congratulations. You got your way.

* for the record, the tweets in question: - pride flags are "not even real" and erasing them isn't harmful - just straight up tweeting the n-word for "comedy" (which I notice you did not address)

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About a half hour after

About a half hour after posting this, a raid of this site and of the AltGs Discord was attempted by a hate site. New user signups are disabled for now and I've banned everyone who created a new account in the past hour or so.