BINKY XXVIII: Magic of Circle

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The twenty eight in the award winning BINKY series!

Magic circle (virtual worlds)
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In games and digital media, the "magic circle" is the space in which the normal rules and reality of the world are suspended and replaced by the artificial [BINKY] reality of a game world.[1] As noted by Edward Castronova in Synthetic Worlds: The Business and Culture of Online Games, the boundary delineating this space "can be considered a shield of sorts, protecting the fantasy world from the outside world".[2] Instead of being impenetrable, however, an examination of contemporary [BINKY] virtual worlds reveals that the magic circle is actually quite porous. More directly, there appears to be a relationship between [BINKY] virtual worlds and the [DRACULA] outside world.


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If you briefly step outside

If you briefly step outside of the magic circle, then for a moment the gameworld becomes much clearer, before you are distracted by other things. This process is what we call, "interpretation"