River Path

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At my autism place one of the workers has a guide dog named River. I thought that was cool. I haven't really done anything with this kinda stuff since I tried coding in middle school, so mostly everything is just me learning

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I wish there were more

I wish there were more follow-a-dog-about games.

Also I took some screenshots 'cause I think this is really pretty. I attached one, but didn't embed it 'cause I guess it's spoilery.

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I'm so glad you enjoy!!!

I'm so glad you enjoy!!! Someday I'll make that wish of yours come true and there will be loads and loads of games with dogs leading you here there and everywhere

Super beautiful game

Spoilers ---

Thought this was really nice

I've barely played any videogames for a while and i haven't played any glorious trainwrecks games for even longer than that so i think that maybe that made my experience of this game feel sort of intense and 'saturated', and also colored with nostalgia and other kinds of personal feelings related to memories of playing glorious trainwrecks games several years ago (and especially glorious trainwrecks games like this with a little 3d scene and a first-person character). When i started thinking about writing a comment here it got me thinking about what kinds of things one should put in a comment on this kind of thing, I mean like how personal the comment should get, since of course the feelings and thoughts brought up by playing the game are always going to be personal, but also some of those feelings might be so specific to someone's memories and personal situation that they really wouldn't be interesting to anybody else. But it's not like there's really a clear line separating what pieces of one's experience might be relatable or useful to someone else and what pieces might not be. This paragraph is maybe not relevant to your game in particular so I hope you don't mind me mentioning it anyway, and i hope i can express thanks that your game was a way for me to think/feel these things.

At the very beginning i liked how the window only took up a small piece of my computer screen and it didn't have any borders, sort of like if a screenshot of the game was copy-pasted onto a screenshot of my computer screen in photoshop, if that makes sense.

Then the colors reminded me of this game i played ages ago https://beefstrong.itch.io/chapel
I also liked how tightly restricted the camera is on the y axis, this felt sort of 'claustrophobic' or maybe 'cozy'.
Then i thought it was cool how there was stained glass on the blades of the windmill, like a kind of minimal-effort (i don't mean that in a bad way) gesture at fantasy/'world-building', like 'what if windmills had blades made of stained glass', with no elaboration necessary

I really enjoyed finding out that the world was bigger than i first realised, nice how the shape of the terrain made little mutually-hidden valleys like that.
I also found the skybox very beautiful, the movement and texture and colors, it felt like a piece which someone had put a lot of care into. All the textures in general were really nice together.

At some point I was also reminded of the last game I played which is this one that my friend from school made https://mutmedia.itch.io/fast-car, i guess just because of the colors and scale and movement

At the beginning i felt that i wished there was sound, because there was something a little bit cold/austere about the silence, but after playing for a while i felt more that it was good this way, kind of detached and self-confident and unimposing (especially because of the borderless window).

I played for one day/night cycle which felt like about the right amount of time to feel that i'd sort of fully explored the world.