New version of Grand Theft Shmup! v0.02a!

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New version of Grand Theft Shmup! YAY! As this is a rapid prototype, new versions should be veru rapidly released.

Changes to v0.01a are:
Shump misspelling changed to Shmup. Thanks UncleSporky at!
Score now resets to 0 after player is killed.
"Spider" enemy ship (The one that fires a bouncing shot and looks like an upside down "U") is now easier.
Touching an enemy while dashing kills it.
Pressing Control while in a ship no longer causes an overload attack, but instead just destroys the ship.

PenguinSeph - Game Design, Programming (I used MMF1, but it's still kinda programming), "Art"
The maker of sfxr (I will find out who it is for the next version. I promise)

Link is here!


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This is a very rhinocerous

This is a very rhinocerous idea.

Would you consider making it a little tiny spaceman or alien rather than a pixel? (Now it almost feels a bit like Giest, like your inhabiting rather than hijacking the enemies)

Also, it's so unforgiving and brutal! Maybe a health bar?

And will the different ships control differently? or is it just how they fire? It seems like the big ship (which is easier to grab) should move more slowly than the smaller ones.

If having one type of ship could somehow make it easier to grab another type of ship, or if there was a compelling reason to swap out... or a chance to eject out of a ship that was good but getting too beat up, before it went boom (very GTA in that regard)

And are you strict on an early 80s look, or would late 80s be ok? I could see taking a cue from Star Control, which had a great variety of ships and weapon systems....

Maybe steal crafts from a lot of games... or just pick one. I just played through Raiden 2 w/ a buddy, it would be funny to take over a cow, then a take, then one of the fliers...

I dunno, just some ideas. I like the core of this game a lot, don't want to sound like I'm down on it just because I have so many suggestions...

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You know, I think that's a

You know, I think that's a good idea, making the different ships control differently. And I probably should add a health bar, so I'll get right onto that.

I really haven't decided on a look at all. This is just a prototype, so I'm just making sure that players can tell what everything is right now. Programmer art and that. So I'm not changing anything until I have the basis of an engine.

I am really tempted to steal some sound effects from GTA1 and 2 however. I don't think I'll just them in the real thing (I'll probably record my own or something)