Knytt Stories Level: A Day at the Beach

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So there's this ongoing Knytt Stories level competition thing over at Nifflas Forums. One comp in particular requires that at least one tile from a tileset (A Beach and A Cave) be on every screen. I decided to make a level for it, despite not being a member of the Nifflas Forums.

Anyway, here is the level! It is one of those levels where you just wander around without much to challenge you in particular, although there is a challenge corner tucked away in here. There are 5 endings, most of which I wish I had done better. I like to think of this as a love letter to summer, kinda. Hope you enjoy it!

Healy - A Day at the Beach.knytt_.zip4.04 MB


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i'm glad you picked up knytt

i'm glad you picked up knytt stories and ran with it. this is pretty charming. i especially like the surprise power-up in the middle that makes places i've already been worth revisiting, the books that give context for some of the little things going on in the level, and the fact that you actually made a dedicated ending scene for the player jumping out all the way into the ocean. the different areas all feel really diverse - i like how it's always changing but not in an arbitrary way because each different area has character. the super hard part was not rom hack hard, and hiding the bullet-spit guy among all the chomp-teeth guys was cute. most of the endings imply further stories - that's good too.

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Thanks for the nice words! I

Thanks for the nice words! I felt like I could have pushed the challenge area to be a bit harder without going into rom hack territory, but it was my first time doing such a thing, so maybe I'll get better at it. I like the way some of the endings imply more stories, too (if nothing else, they're good for giving me ideas for more levels). I feel like I overdid with the one you need the keys to get, though.

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I didn't expect to enjoy

I didn't expect to enjoy this as much as I did. It was charming! I got all the endings. I really enjoyed the Super Ultra Challenge, mainly because I hate it when Knytt Stories are actually frustratingly hard, especially due to random elements, whereas this was consistent and enjoyable.

I hope you register on Nifflas' forums and post this.

P.S. I got really excited about being credited and felt kind of sad about my tileset only showing up in a cutscene! I request you remedy this in a later level.

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I just registered and made a

I just registered and made a thread about it here.

Also I'm thinking about making a based on that ending, but it'll probably wait.