Coller 1: Hunt For The Soviet Flag

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President Ford's given you a top secret mission: get the Red Flag off the Red Planet! But those crafty cosmonauts have put it in a hard-to-reach spot...

This is a demo of a block-switching mechanic I thought up a short while ago. Learn to control the four collers of the rainbow to win!

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Really clever once I grokked

Really clever once I grokked the meaning of the arrows. =)

Seems like a few of the puzzles in the bottom-middle part of the map are easily skippable (since there's no right-arrow wall blocking the upper path back to the bottom-right room). I did like how the obvious route from the start was a red herring path that nonetheless taught the concept reasonably well.

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both of the ideas in this

both of the ideas in this game - falling and then rising and changing a room by entering from a different direction - work really well. i liked that it was still a puzzle after i had seen every screen - seeing the entire world didn't make the solution obvious.

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This is great. Something

This is great. Something new, that feels nice. I wish everything new felt this nice.

Oh also:

action number 1
of Other Event: Intersect Boundary
for object o_jumper:

Error in code at line 1:

at position 11: Unknown variable room9_11

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Heh heh. Really nice, smart

Heh heh. Really nice, smart system.

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great puzzle. played for

great puzzle. played for quite awhile. afraid I couldn't figure it out but had a very good time.

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this is a really awesome level puzzle concept! I wasn't able to beat it I'm afraid but I enjoyed playing this for quite awhile.

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Man, this is clever. I like.

Man, this is clever. I like.

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Wow, extremely clever

Wow, extremely clever mechanic! I like this a lot :)

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What are you supposed to d--

What are you supposed to d-- oh wow, that's cool!