Grocery BASEing

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A game about combining menial tasks with extreme sports. UPDATE: High Scores now work. Yes this is cheating no i dont care

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Let's grocery shop by

Let's grocery shop by skydiving from SPACE.

The multiplier never seemed to go down. Hmm?

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Yeah, it just keeps going up

Yeah, it just keeps going up every time you hit another food object. It will go down if you screw up your landing though. To 0.

Just did the math, and falling from Space would take about 30 minutes. Sweet.

Oh man. I just realized that the best score is actually the LAST score. Damnit.

EDIT: Fixed that sumbitch

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I like it

Excellent use of quickly grabbed figures from probably wikipedia. The realistic requirement of slowing down before the chute has any effect is done well! As you can probably tell by my avatar, I love me some base jumping games.

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So that's where you got your avatar.

Thanks! I couldn't find any quick figures for calculating drag on a parachute that fit my trainwreck standards, so I just made up a number. But yeah, if you're going faster than 30 feet per second, you die. Which is generous, I think.