New version of Grand Theft Shmup! v0.03!

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New version of Grand Theft Shmup! YAY! As this is a rapid prototype, new versions should be veru rapidly released.

Changes to v0.02a are:
You now have a life bar. The dot can take 3 hits before being destroyed.
After taking a hit as the dot, you are invunerible to damage for a few seconds, and all onscreen bullets are destroyed.
When you jump out of a ship with Control, all on-screen bullets are destroyed.
When hijacking a ship, all bullets are destroyed.
Mid boss added. Note that he hates people getting close to him. He appears after 45 seconds.
Number keys 1 to 4 place the player inside a ship. These are debug options I've left in for fun.

The controls are:
Arrow Keys - Move
Shift - Dash (while in dot mode) or Shoot (while in Ship mode)
Control - Jump out of ship.


I think this is starting to come together. Once the prototype yields a solid, playable mini-game (I'm shooting for one level) I can start production proper. I guess I'll need some decent graphics at that point.

Also, I personally really like the idea of allowing players to steal mid-bosses. But I'm worried that players will just mindlessly dash towards the mid-boss, so I made it so that the mid-boss has a special attack he uses when the player get's close to him. I think it may be a bit overboard however right now. Any thoughts on this?

Also, does dashing while in dot form make sense? Is it useful?


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Hey, I rather like this! I

Hey, I rather like this! I wasn't expecting the ship-stealing mechanic to work as well as it does, but it's really satisfying.

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Hihi! Once I got used to dodging the ships (Many years of Gradius and Legendary Wings for the NES came flooding on back into the noggin) I accidently smacked into a ship, then realized you can steal any ship and that was a looooooooot of fun!!!

It's kind of like Megaman meets Gradius? Sorta... I dunno. But I like it!

The dashing is ok, but maybe it'd be better if it made a little shield for ya or something? It's one thing I always got upset about playing these games, and it was when you KNEW you were doomed. So I was trying to use the dash kind of like a way that I had maybe shielded myself and could smash through the bad guys but had to time it right so it was only a second long, or something like that. If that makes sense?

So an invuln dash, but only in one direction, and only for a second? It's already hard to dodge since you're so small and the screen is so small. (Not bad things, just saying). Great game though!