Blue Boxer

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An exercise in frustration starring the titular Blue Boxer, your objective is to beat the crap out of all the joggers, proud warrior guys, kangaroos, bees, and evil clouds that get in your way.

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Why does this game have an

Why does this game have an installer? And why does that do so much for me?

Punching felt gooood.

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I really like how punching

I really like how punching bosses makes their life meter drain so dramatically the longer you hold contact.

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it's like playing skyblazer.

it's like playing skyblazer.

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This is so professional.

This is so professional.

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loved the sounds and

loved the sounds and graphics... seems the bouncy button is broken though and I got stuck in the air bouncing up and down on the second screen--then the game lagged out to a stop... :(