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bleh. in the spirit of make the game you want to play i tried to do a simple redo of the old game "Sabotage" -- I played some variaint of it on a PC back in 92. I didn't quite have time to finish it and make it a game, maybe I'll come back to it...

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spiral zig zags spiral zig

spiral zig zags spiral zig zags!

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It is terrifying to watch

It is terrifying to watch helplessly as those little dudes slowly make their way towards you.

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i like that falling

i like that falling helicopters take out the little dudes. i think it'd be interesting if your bullets were affected by gravity, so that you couldn't shoot at dudes on the ground directly, but bullets you fire at other enemies could still take some of them out.

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Jeez, I forgot to mention

Jeez, I forgot to mention that "z" fires, arrow keys moves.
I guess I got kinda bummed I didn't fully game-ize it w/ a score and an end condition...
(and then I realized that the original Apple II version had waves and jets w/ bombs as well... the PC version I played in college was missing those.)

But it didn't stop me from making some 80s-style(ish) cover art for it!

damn, but I love doodling on the iPad during meetings...

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