How To Pilot The Space Shuttle

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I recently rediscovered the old Vektor game "Shuttle", a simulation based around the space shuttle.

This is how the average game of Shuttle goes.

(Because I'm not nearly mean enough to follow through with this, there is a cheat key. It's up to you to find it though. )

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This is exactly my

This is exactly my experience with every shuttle simulator ever.
Except for the part where the camera dramatically turns to reveal that the exhaust trail behind my shuttle is curving in a glorious rounded arc back toward earth's surface.

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I'm almost disappointed that

I'm almost disappointed that there is, in fact, a way to win.

Reminds me of the first part of Hacker, where you had to click on like ten things that you didn't have any idea what they were, in order, without making any mistakes. I spent hours figuring that shit out.