Stealth Spies

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Split screen 2-player game ONLY. I recommend JoyToKey to split player control, and then a cardboard divider to split the screen exclusively.

Player left and Player right see a screen of AI crowd members. Each player has 2 bullets. They can collect "Dossiers" to eliminate suspects from the crowd. Once you think you've identified the other player, squeeze the trigger and take 'em out! If you're wrong, well, whoops. The other player might have seen, and they're on your tail! Exciting stealth action for two players!

edit: updated so keyboard controls reflect the correct side of the screen.

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Fruit Loops

Realizing now that my color choices makes this look like a bunch of store-brand fruit loops walking around. And there seems to be a secret advantage to player 1, and a different secret advantage for player 2. Both secrets are unintentional, but Player 1's secret is slightly more advantageous.

edit: it also seems that this runs too slowly in dosbox. Recommended for winXP/ME/9X?
edit edit: it runs faster if I send dosbox to full screen, but the colors get slightly mixed up. Might be a mac thing.

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Belated Playtesting

Finally played this old trainwreck with a friend today. It was really fun! Got out a chunk of cardboard to split the screen and everything. I almost feel like I should make some proper art for this and upload it to newgrounds or something.