New version of Grand Theft Shmup! v0.04!

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New version of Grand Theft Shmup! YAY! As this is a rapid prototype, new versions should be very rapidly released.

This game is becoming a really weird shmup. I heard that dashing doesn't give good feedback to the player, so I added a trail, and I then wanted to show enemy bullets bounching off the dashing player, so I made it so that enemy bullets colliding with the trail are replaced with player bullets going the other way. This had the side effect of meaning that whenever the player dashes, he creates a shield from enemy bullets that lasts a second.

I think it's kinda cool, but I'm not sure if I should leave it in. Any feedback from you guys?

Also, I think I should make it move obvious that you can take over the enemy ships by touching them while not dashing and that you can destroy enemy ships by dashing into them, as not many people are going to try to collide with the ships on purpose. Maybe I could add a prober help screen next version? Or a tutorial or something?

Changes to v0.03 are:
Dashing now creates a shield that defects enemy bullets.
Dashing now make a noise.
You now cannot dash the whole time.
Sub Boss appears sooner, and is harder

PenguinSeph - Game Design, Programming (I used MMF1, but it's still kinda programming), "Art"
DrPetter of for making sfxr
Everyone who has commented so far!

The controls are:
Arrow Keys - Move
Shift - Dash (while in dot mode) or Shoot (while in Ship mode)
Control - Jump out of ship.


I think this is starting to come together. Once the prototype yields a solid, playable mini-game (I'm shooting for one level) I can start production proper. I guess I'll need some decent graphics at that point.


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Does your ship take damage?

Does your ship take damage? It seems like I can just sit there and bullets go right through...

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They are meant to.

Yes it does.

Or at least, they are meant to. It does on my machine, and whenever you find yourself saying that, you know something cocked up.

Are the bullets just sailing past you? MMF only has 32 directions, and as such, isn't the best thing to use for this kind of game. Once I leave the prototyping phase I'm going to leave MMF behind, and use XNA or something.

If you have the time, could you try something for me? Run the game and then leave the ship where it is. A bullet should hit it after a while, and it should take some damage.

If it doesn't, it'll be a massive bug that I should probably know about.

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Before I experiment, just to

Before I experiment, just to confirm, you should see the health bar onscreen go down when you're inside the ship and gets hit right?

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No, when you're inside the

No, when you're inside the ship, the ship takes the hit for you. Thus the idea is to say inside enemy ships to avoid being damaged.

Also, some ships can take more than one hit to be destroyed.