ATTN: People who can make webpages look pretty

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I'm using a web control to display a game and author info -- name, description, screenshot, etc. However, I am in desperate need of help to make these pages look vaguely passable. I've attached a few example pages to this post -- if you have any skill with HTML/CSS at all, please download them and suggest how to improve the design. The HTML is easy to change, but I'd like to keep it simple; the more you can do in CSS, the better, because then it becomes easier to use everyone's contributions. (I've already got a button that changes the menu from sane colours to Hot Dog Stand, so there's no reason we couldn't do something similar for game descriptions.)

I know we've got some absurdly talented people here. I wholeheartedly appreciate any help with this at all.

PS. The web control is IE. Sorry.

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As long as we're using that

As long as we're using that ActiveX control, I guess we might as well theme the page like it came out of 1998.

Edit: Will the tags be clickable eventually?

Edit 2: Good idea! We ought to have multiple CSS schemes... hopefully by different people, too.

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I don't even know if it's

I don't even know if it's possible to make the tags clickable, sadly. I don't imagine anyone here knows anything about OLE?

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Alright, I finished the

Alright, I finished the KidzZone theme and I'm working on a throwback Pirate Kart I theme. When I finish the latter, I'll put both in a zip.

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Done! Please pay close

Done! Please pay close attention to the changes in the HTML. Namely, I changed the classes into ids, gave the a, img, etc. tags these ids as well, and added more divs (which I needed for the Pirate Kart I throwback theme).

They're... adequately IE6-compatible. But I strongly advise you include that DOCTYPE heading so that IE7 and above will switch to more standards-compliant modes and thus render those styles without errors.

They display in Firefox with no problems. Not sure about Webkit-based browsers.

Edit: Disabled the image scaling filtering for IE and Firefox. Now they'll look more like they did in the Pirate Kart I!

effbee-themes-partonemaybe-rev1.zip153.32 KB
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Revision 2. This revision

Revision 2. This revision includes a fix to the throwback theme (back button centering). It also introduces a new theme, Millennium, which would make for a good default theme.

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