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I think about this level

I think about this level quite a bit, and come back to it more than I ever expected to. At the time of its release I didn't see the point of it. Noyb's Zero Feedback write-up led me to recognise that a little more was going on than I'd realised, and also connect that this was "from the creator of Kentucky Route Zero". I revere KRZ as a pinnacle of game-making, so I started paying more attention to this little level than I typically would.

But... this level probably is just as simple as I initially thought. It looks like it was made in an hour, just for fun. It's still nice! Since 2010 my appreciation of games seems to have broadened quite a bit more (I blame Duchess) so I figure I'd have ended up thinking this was kind of pleasant anyway. The game's been open the whole time I was writing this. The music stopped long ago, but I've yet to grow bored of listening to the strange symphony of sound effects.