Two Castles - Finished now yay

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Only had an hour to do this and it's unfinished. sorry! It's over when you hit the void. EDIT: Okay, it's finished now! No more voids anymore. Yaay. I forgot how much I love Knytt Stories.

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2124 hey 2125 derfa

2124 agj: hey
2125 agj: derfa derfa/castle and cave/two castles is ripping off beacon
2125 agj: totally
2125 dessgeega: beacon?
2125 agj: chevy ray's game beacon
2125 dessgeega: oh totally no one has put lights in darkness before
2125 agj: yeah i know
2126 agj: ripoff
2126 agj: aw, too bad
2126 agj: that it's unfinished
2126 agj: was really enjoying it so far
2126 dessgeega: yeah i know
2127 dessgeega: i was hoping the cave would connect to the bottom of the other castle
2127 agj: so was i
2127 crdbrdcmptr: yeah i bet that's where it was going
2127 dessgeega: healy finish your level
2127 dessgeega: i wanna play it
2127 agj: i'll return and try to jump to the other side
2128 agj: crap i can't return
2128 agj: how do i die
2128 agj: what was the key
2128 crdbrdcmptr: ctrl-r ?
2128 agj: oh ctrl+r
2129 agj: oh hey i won
2129 agj: alright

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Please finish this!

Please finish this!

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Finished, yay. It kind of

Finished, yay. It kind of took a strange turn near the end.

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Heh, I was able to find two

Heh, I was able to find two void areas by climbing some of the hanging walls of the castles.

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Oops. Honestly, I didn't

Oops. Honestly, I didn't test this very thoroughly.

Er, wait, what I mean to say is that the voids are a...metaphor for, uh...emptiness and decay, thereby adding to the feelings of, er, loneliness. Yes. So I did it on purpose.

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I'm glad you did.

I'm glad you did.

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That was really nice! The

That was really nice! The world feels very cohesive. It's a little ambiguous as to where it's supposed to end, since once you get to the other side you're capable of jumping back to where you started with the parasol. (Unless I missed an ending trigger or something somewhere!)

(The bit with the lava drafts is also notably much tougher than everything else.)

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Yeah, I took out the win

Yeah, I took out the win condition at the last second because I didn't like the generic "You Win" screen. So yeah, no ending. And the lava bit is about the only place you can die unless you really enjoy swimming, so it is a bit out of place. I've just always wanted to do that. :D

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Yeah, the only reason I

Yeah, the only reason I found those voids was because I was looking for the win condition, heh.

I think you probably could have replaced the "You Win" image with a photo of some castle and been done with it.


I wish I could download games on the work computer.

I wish I had the attention span to remember to download them when I get home.