A look at sprites

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I haven't done anything regarding the engine since the last entry, instead I've been animating a golem character. Until I pixel wolfman and vampire sprites this will be what players will control during most of the developmental stages. It's not really placeholder art, I intend to keep him in as a third character when the other two are done then I can work on a fourth character as this game will have support for four players.

All the animations aren't finished yet, I have to add two more throwing animations (and fix up the leg on the last sprite in the 'throw left and right' animation), a hurt animation, one for falling over and a victory animation. Then do everything over again thrice more.


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I would like to see a bonus

I would like to see a bonus surprise animation where his head falls off and breaks on the ground, revealing his written instructions.

No is not an answer to this request.

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As always I dig the style

As always I dig the style but had I not known what it was I would have said Ginger Bread Man.

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"Gingerbreaddener-Z, born

"Gingerbreaddener-Z, born from radioactive waste dumped in the children's playground next to [insert name]'s Old-Thyme Cookie Store and left-over dough suddenly appears, fighting against those who pollute of our humble city".

Gingerbreaddener-Z, like Captain Planet without the sky blue complexion and the David Bowie bob.

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[insert name] = Pappy

[insert name] = Pappy