Hogan's Run

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In a dystopian future where all adults over the age of 29 are executed by the state, you, a new Sandman recruit, must train your firearm skills by shooting a spinning can in midair to make it bounce upward. Featuring an acclaimed soundtrack by Wario Ware Inc.'s own 9-Volt.

You can score bonus points by hunting and shooting "points of interest" as they appear. It's up to you to guess as to what those are!

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An event


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I really enjoy the concept.

I really enjoy the concept. I am not good enough at the game itself to enjoy it as much...

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Nothing really seems to

Nothing really seems to happen once I pass the first screen; I just get a screenful of white and the barrel stays in the middle of the screen (while still being affected by gravity, so I can keep shooting it over and over).

Is that what's supposed to happen?


Game Maker mustn't work right on your system. Try this possible fix: dl

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This is a good game

I want to get farther so I can see more pretty things.

Actually breaking past the wall is glorious.