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SHUMP is a new type of gaming experience. SHUMP is unlike anything you've played before. SHUMP is revolutionary. SHUMP IS ALL. PLAY SHUMP.

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Nice study in contrasts.

Nice study in contrasts.

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I like the sound effects. I

I like the sound effects. I think... was this your first game to have sounds? Keep it up - I thought the sound selection was great for this one.

As soon as I reached that soccer frame, I was all holy shit what the hell is going on.

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No, I've used sounds before.

No, I've used sounds before. I don't use them often, partly because I don't want to spend a lot of time looking for them and mostly because I don't really have an excuse to put them in. Most of my games aren't explodey color funfests like this one, and I can usually get by with just a jump sound. I let my MIDIs take care of my soundwork.

The Oregon Trail used a lot of sound in a similar way, and as a whole is a lot like this game, though it's a little more clear what the heck is going on. I probably should use sound more- it's something I haven't really utilized much.

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I just like to grab random

I just like to grab random crap out of the KnP/TGF/MMF resources. And maybe steal sounds out of other games. TGF in particular has a number of really awful voice samples perfect for making games even more awful.

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It is a feast for very

It is a feast for very nearly all the senses.