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KOTMK#36 IRC chat wrote:
17:14 < kirkjerk> you know what we need? some kind of voice channel.
17:14 < kirkjerk> like xbox live party stuff
17:15 < kirkjerk> its just i totally ignore irc when i'm coding, you know?

Well, why the hell not! There is now a semi-official Glorious Trainwrecks Mumble server. Just download the client and point it at to talk to your fellow wreckers... with your voice!

Of course, the current probability that anyone will be on when it's NOT Klik of the Month time is near zero, but it was easy to set up, and I'm curious to see what the community thinks of the idea.

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I look forward to this, save for the possibility of the traditional KOTM kountdown "WOOOOOOOOO!" being translated to speech.

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Then you'll be happy to know that Mumble has built-in text to speech, too!


(it's optional)

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I knew that there would come

I knew that there would come a day when I would regret getting rid of my headset. Damnit.

Anybody know an easy way to use an Xbox 360 headset for a PC? MAYBE GOOGLE.

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Google told me that I can

Google told me that I can hook up my headset to my wired Xbox 360 controller, plug that into the PC, and it should work. That is so clunky it's awesome.

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That IS awesome!

That IS awesome!

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The Trainwreck potential of this is OFF THE CHARTS. It may be *awesome* (and a new crucial component to the social aspect of this site), it maybe *awful* (and just annoying and impossible to use)... but it will be GLORIOUS in either case!

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