Oh Man Go Time

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Guide Juni through pointless obstacles towards a new tomorrow!

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An event


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I was quite surprised to

I was quite surprised to find out that you had credited me for the ending. I really just tossed that one out there. But I digress! This was a pretty good level.

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Six probably 'deserves'

Six probably 'deserves' credit even less, seeing as his title was a line he said in IRC to indicate the event had started (that happened to occur after three actual suggestions). But nevertheless, credit was given to all. Glad you enjoyed!

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yesss takin' the credit

yesss takin' the credit takin' the credit

I liked the there-and-back-and-then-some structure of this! The ending made me laugh.

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I seem to have gotten stuck.

I seem to have gotten stuck. I presume near the end.

Am I supposed to be able to fit through there or grab the side of the thing in the middle?

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Climbing up should be

Climbing up should be possible, although somewhat tricky.

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doh. I failed to realize you

doh. I failed to realize you could jump from higher up the slope and then change direction in mid-air. I'm smart like that.