Jogger Stories

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Doo! Doo doo doo dooooo! Jogger Stories. Press Esc to enter.

You can't die, so just enjoy the scenery. Made in MMF2. Requires DirectX 8 with hardware acceleration and 1280x800 resolution or higher.

Edit: Uploaded wrong file. This is the right one.

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"I am getting dizzy looking

"I am getting dizzy looking at this backdrooop" XD

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This game is truly something

This game is truly something special. I'm pretty impressed by your take on the Knytt Stories title screen, too.

I was looking at this

and thinking this isn't knouaetahg stories ... but... it's so on key ... and so similar.. and those backdrops move.. I don't know if i have 1280x800+ but it worked! Thanks for the adventure. You've really showed why it's important to have a powerful tool. Thank you for sharing the adventure. It should make people so happy

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I didn't realize I could

I didn't realize I could jump for a while lol