Bat Pit

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Bat Pit is not a finished game. This is why you don't spend one-and-a-half hours working on your engine and fifteen minutes working on your game.

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You should finish it.

I like the engine, I think it has potential.

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yeah that looks pretty

yeah that looks pretty tripping and awesome!
I remember doodling tunnels like that as a kid (though maybe i saw it on some old arcade game?)

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Nice! I had a colorful PC

Nice! I had a colorful PC game (like the same thing as this, but with rainbow colors between the wireframes) that looked a lot like this growing up that went very fast and I was horrible at. It also didn't have a player avatar, so where you allegedly were in relation to the walls wasn't exactly defined.
If it had a score counter at the bottom that continued going up for as long as you played, Bat Pat could totally be called a finished game!

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This would have had a lot

This would have had a lot more "game" in it if TGF wasn't so picky about handling collisions with objects and specific frames of animation.

Or rather, if the damn thing did what I told it to a lot more things would have gotten done.