Unfinished Island


An Island thing I threw together in Sketchup and Unity.

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An event


My username?

How did you get it to display my username (disperse) at the top of the screen, creepy.

Full 3d island in 2 hours, I'm impressed. I didn't even finish my text-based game in 2 hours.

Huh? No idea about the

Huh? No idea about the username display thing. Do you mean like in the unity window? Because that would be *really* strange.

I tried it again and my name

I tried it again and my name wasn't there. Either a strange graphical glitch or a hallucination brought on by rapid coding and copious amounts of iced tea.

Well, that's a relief! :)

Well, that's a relief! :)

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I enjoyed exploring your

I enjoyed exploring your island but then got a little lonely.