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Imaginative mechanic

I particularly liked being able to switch places with the enemies, that was a real "whoa" moment.

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Really sweet implementation

Really sweet implementation of a really neat idea! This is a solid mechanic, and I daresay it could be fleshed out into something even better.

I'm completely baffled by level 3, though.

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Since people seem to like

Since people seem to like this I'm thinking I'll make a proper version this week. Kinda like I did with Plumbers.

If you get stuck, here's a video of the first 6 (of 8) levels:
(But there are multiple ways to solve most levels, my solutions probably aren't the best.)

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I am very much behind this

I am very much behind this idea! I cleared the game. I found the last 2 levels maybe easier than the 4 before them? Or maybe I just finally clicked with the logic of the game.
I like the way you make levels. *thumb up*

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wait is there an exe for

wait is there an exe for this? or just the snd gam and img?

anyway, saw the video-- very clever, like portal-style clever.

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No exe, just the Flash

No exe, just the Flash version. I had to take it to MMF to add the levels to avoid the counters bugging out everything in the foreground.