Stork Ride

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Keep the child safe and sound.
Avoid obstacles and enemies.
Sand is safe.

Any key - lower or raise baby.

Each second - 1 point
Mango (checkpoint) - 50 points
Kiwifruit (bonus) - 100 points
Collision - lose 100 points

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An event


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Really nice level design.

Really nice level design. Actually everything about this game is quite lovely.

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This is beautiful. Love the

This is beautiful. Love the music.

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This is really cool! My

This is really cool! My final score was... a long way below zero.

music is so good that I

music is so good that I remembered it and just now wanted to play this so bad


Things that I like about this game :
- one button gameplay but with 2 actions and rich movement
- very interesting music
- negative score and no game over, cleverly avoiding any awful humor involving hurting or destroying the baby or anything of this kind
- colors