Zombie Slash Bikini Killers

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Test release.

Use the arrers to catwalk strut around, Z to give it all some bladed wrist action and C to magically appear more zombies.

In my continued efforts to avoid working on Monster Mashers (and due to a bolt of inspiration) I am now working on what is basically Oneechanbara with a dinky visual style and more exploitive animations. I've laid down the basic groundwork here which I will obviously elaborate on further. Zombies will wander around aimlessly until they approach a 64 pixel radius to you where they will then home in. Slashing them with your sword will cut them in half when they will shortly disappear. Only a maximum of 32 zombies can hang around at once if you ignore the few that are hanging around at the start, slightly more than 32 if you leave those cats be. I intend to enlarge all the sprites but only after I have all the animations done so you'll have to bear with the titchy bird and her dead friends for the time being.

Next version will probably have more attack animations (combos!), blood, zombie dismemberment and my version of the 'tired' animation which is totally different as it involves more ass shaking and breast swaying. Achievement Unlocked: Objectivism Get!

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Beyond the Valley of the Zombies

I like how it's shaping up, although, to be honest, I preferred the blood splatter of Zombie Invasion over the bloodied blowhole effect. I also hope you keep the urban setting. Minor negatives aside, the character animation is superb. Men with lesser control would no doubt be fuckbugling deliriously.

Also, I imagine a resting animation could involve stretching by touching her toes.

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Vixens Beyond the Valley of the Super Zombies

I fully intend to remove the torso fountain in the next version in favour of zombies that have bits chopped off them, changing their attacks. I might change the tired/resting animation to something else and have a 'bored' when you go a while without touching any controls, which will likely be the current tired/resting animation since it fits it better.

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A couple points: The

A couple points: The movement is 8 directions in a square playfield, the characters are drawn from the side, and only animated left and right. Attacks are also only left and right. This might prove a bit problematic in a situation where you are not invincible. Also, with such small sprites, you might want to set the program to lower the screen resolution, if it (click & create?) supports it. As it is, the animation feels like it's going to waste, since you can't see it very well.