Action Point 2010 [The Awards are in!]

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Sat, Aug 28 2010 04:00 PM
08/28/2010 - 16:00
08/28/2010 - 18:00

[Congratulations to The Winners!]

The awards ceremony begins now...
[Download Here]


Welcome to Action Point 2010! Join us in celebrating our 10nth Anniversary! Action Point is the world's leading Klik & Play Online Demoscene Party. This year's (un)unofficial theme is "Acceleration Killed the Demoscene Star!"

[Click here to download the 2010 Invitation Demo]

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, Action Point is a yearly online "Scene Party" in which we make Demos and Intros and Cracktros and anything else that involves pretty effects and ridiculous non-interactive visual absurdity in the medium of Klik & Play.

While the Demoscene's primary interest is technical ability with a high-gloss sheen of visual design and musical talent, take note that this is still Glorious Trainwrecks. Action Point is more than simply a celebration of elaborate event writing. It is also about creating unusual and unique visual/auditory art as well. What I'm trying to say is that while simulated 3D effects in KnP are expected, a torrent of dancing Wizards is also a desirable outcome.

This is a TWO-WEEK EVENT. That means you should start making a demo TODAY, and be here on SATURDAY AUGUST 28th, exactly one week to-the-second after this month's KOTM. Submit your demo(s) to this page at that time (or earlier if you can't make it). Also let's meet up on IRC and the MUMBLE SERVER because this is the release party.

One week later, at the same time of day, will be the AWARDS CEREMONY. Awards in a .gif format will be given to winners in a variety of mostly made-up categories. These highly-coveted awards are ideal for posting on your homepage, next to netscape navigator download icons and your awards for "CNET SITE OF THE DAY".









Reductivists and Optimalists welcomed equally! Dutch color schemes encouraged! (They're practically mandatory with the default Klik & Play palette) Style points (and gusto points) will be awarded! Oh, and check out this totally sweet picture I found while looking up Demoscene pixelart:

That is so rhinoceros.

Always remember: When the hardware makes the impressive easy, use the software that is most restrictive!

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Games made for Action Point 2010 [The Awards are in!]

NameCreatedsort iconByScreenshotComments
Rendering Ranges08/29/2010 - 01:04Blueberry SoftRendering Ranges - description.gif4
RanDemo08/28/2010 - 18:04qrleonrandemo.png1
Klik & Reality08/28/2010 - 16:01SpindleyQknpmonster.png6
Wizzard.torrent08/28/2010 - 15:19Zecks2


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hells to the yeahs to the max

hells to the yeahs to the max

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Demo Upload Link

When you want to upload your demo, click here!

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As always, snapman, your

As always, snapman, your invitation astounds and intimidates.

oh man I just got an evil and wonderful idea for this I hope I have time to pull it off

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[17:25:48] Auauaugh
[17:25:53] Klik & Play fails at math
[17:25:54] Really badly
[17:26:01] Let's say I set a counter to -240
[17:26:24] Now I tell another counter to set its value to the value of that first counter, divided by 2
[17:26:33] This counter SHOULD be set to -120
[17:26:46] Klik & Play sets it to the highest possible positive number X_X
[17:26:59] That's doesn't make any fucking sense
[17:27:48] Maybe I'm gonna have to use a temporary counter to hold the fact that it's negative
[17:27:52] And do the math as though it were positive

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Pretty sure this happened to

Pretty sure this happened to me when I try to divide an object's alterable value when it is negative. I thought I had fixed this before by using counters instead....? KnP math is a special, special world.

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Yeah, I ended up using a

Yeah, I ended up using a special counter for temporary storage to solve the issue. I have had to do this for three instances so far.

FYI: Klik & Play's fail math was fixed for TGF (like a lot of things were, really), but I guess pushing Klik & Play to its limit is the name of the game, huh.

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Finished my first demo. I

Finished my first demo. I had to dodge way too many of Klik & Play's built-in systems to be able to put this one together. Namely:

- Klik & Play's animation speed sliders failing on XP, therefore requiring me to use different directions for each frame of animation to make the animation run at a proper speed. Also, the "Change speed of animation" action didn't work. Nor has it worked even up through MMF 1.5.
- Klik & Play's horrible math fail that forced me to do negative division as positive using a separate counter three or four times.
- A weird bug in Klik & Play that caused collisions to stop working properly when I so much as MOVED the scrolling parallax in the background. I had to replace those collision tests with positional tests.

Total number of events: 47.
Total number of timer events: 0.

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It's looking like I'll have

It's looking like I'll have a lock on Biggest File Size again this year!

My demo is shaping up really well! I'm super excited. I can't wait to reveal it!

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I have no idea what kind of

I have no idea what kind of award I'll be getting, so I guess I'll keep on making demos.

Edit: Well I guess my first demo is sorta cinematic. Also borrows from a certain well-known cinematic theme song.

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tried to bite off a lot more both me and knp could chew it seems (i have a history of not completing stuff for compos/anything with actual deadlines)

I'll try to do a really small demo-ish (emphasis on really, the one i was doing was already only demo-ish) thing still because i didn't sequence this midi from WarioWare DIY for nothing. :(

To "compensate" I shall continue/actually begin with Klik Fu 3, the trainwreck to end all trainwrecks (coming out when it's done), which pushes knp gameplay to its absolute limits with a story that'll rival all the metal gears in the world combined.

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Half-assed vaguely working

Half-assed vaguely working works in progress are acceptable! Don't despair!

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i call it 'zecks-itis'

the demo relied primarily on the fact that it seems like nothing amazing on the inside (im not too skilled yet) but still be some kickass looking stuff. to actually look like anything though it've needed to be finished.
it was supposed to be a 20x10 board of "lights" which i tried to do some cool effects in

i started on it way too late though and didn't have enough ideas and then after a while the object depths started having their own minds and i got knp to start spouting errors every 30 seconds for the first time ever

im also the kinda guy who doesn't wanna post unfinished stuff much :/

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I'm on my third (and a

I'm on my third (and a half?) demo right now, and was just wondering if anyone else was working on demos. The more, the merrier!

Edit: I've been using the mod operator a ton in my demos.

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I think I finished mine on

I think I finished mine on the bus this morning. There may be a couple more little tweaks between now and Saturday, but overall I'm extremely happy with it.

I'm deliberately avoiding talking about it because I want it to be a surprise, though.

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Err, was the deadline moved to the 30th, or is it still the 28th?

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That's weird.

Fixed. Not sure how that happened?

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Did you mean 7-9 AM or 7-9

Did you mean 7-9 AM or 7-9 PM?

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This is impossible!

Pretty sure what I originally did was open the last KOTM in a new window, and keep fiddling with the time options until the times and timezones matched. How the thing randomly changed days, time, and am/pm on me is anyone's guess. The history doesn't even show somebody else editing it!

Does this look better?

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Hey, is the timer on the

Hey, is the timer on the sidebar accurate now? I've been procrastinating, but I think I can get something done if there are 4-5 hours left. My first attempt last week was killed by divide by zero errors.

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Yep, go for it!

Yep, go for it!

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Let me guess, negative

Let me guess, negative division? I built a showcase to prove Klik & Play's math fail and it actually fails out with a divide by zero error sometimes even though I don't set the second number to zero.

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okay so

i told you the shits already and said i'd do at least something, so heres some wizards (understatement of the year)

i guess i'll just really gotta learn to accept all my personal introvert quirks like not being able to do just about anything serious or "unusual" stuff when not left alone. (im hopefully going to have some more of that time soon though (and in a couple of years all the time in the world minus sleeping and workses))

whenever history has the chance to repeat itself, it will. -Murphy's history lesson

wizzerds.zip51.81 KB
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Rendering Ranges

It's taken me the whole two weeks, and an hour or two more, but my entry Rendering Ranges is about to be uploaded. Prepare to have your minds blown.

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Where's the awards ceremony?

Where's the awards ceremony? It's been over a week. >:(

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Huge Delay!

Sorry, but everything came crashing down.
This Friday is the earliest I can think of getting it done, but I'd rather just roll it out at the KOTM when everybody's here anyway.

This seems to happen every year...

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Ooh, good idea!

Ooh, good idea!

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I won too many awards. Maybe

I won too many awards. Maybe I should make less demos next year.

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Please don't ever say

Please don't ever say something like that again.

The awards ceremony is ace. I especially like that last scene, with the lines. Also Mr. Hotspot. Great work.

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Mr. Hotspot is amazing and

Mr. Hotspot is amazing and terrifying.

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Deleted Scenes

Anyone ever open any random .gam files to see what's inside them? In this case I opened the Awards Ceremony and I found an unused, unfinished frame at the end sort of resembling qrleon's RanDemo. Parody? Or perhaps a learning experience?

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I'm constantly leaving

I'm constantly leaving unused frames in KnP stuff. Partially for later reference, and partially for people to find it. That frame was a planned waving fabric effect (like the Tek Demo title) with dimensions based off a specific counter's initial value. It supports independent horizontal and vertical stretching. I was having a bit of trouble deciding how to specify the offsets (for the circular motion) without disrupting the horizontal and vertical scaling, and it wasn't fitting in with the presentation, so it was left out.

The forced open-source nature of KnP games has always been one of my favorite aspects of the program. I always enjoyed opening up the games other people made, and occasionally finding something unexpected...