Mid Morning Ride


Windows and OSX executables included!! New double-native feature!

I get the sense that many of my previous submissions aren't really in the Klik 'n' Play ""style"", so this is something of an intentional mimicry of that style (but using the flexibility of Game Maker).

Arrows to move.
3 levels of puzzlingly obtuse action!

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/r/ing Game Maker runtime

/r/ing Game Maker runtime for Linux >:(

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For a while I played it by trying to avoid hitting the green things. Then I realised you could bounce off them, so tried not to touch the ground. Then I disappeared off the left side of the screen.

Setting some goals today. Feels good.


You're supposed to jump off the top off the screen.

Oh, wait, SPOILERS.

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If you hold the Up Arrow Key

If you hold the Up Arrow Key long enough, you start bouncing on your head.

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It's a beautiful thing.

It's a beautiful thing.

Sadly, I needed the spoilers.

Source code


MidMorningRide.gmk3.6 MB