Potential Controversy

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Two days ago I had an incredible idea for a hilarious, but easy to make game. I've spent some time collecting the basic sources for it, ranging from sounds to art, to ideas, to "implementation/translation". There's just one problem with this idea. It is likely to be highly controversial. It's a parody of a well known game series, but with a strong message, that is likely to upset a fairly large group of people. The presentation is pure Stephen Colbert, where I present ideas in an accurate, but self-contradictory manner.

The game would not be fun, for the most part. Much of the humor would come from this fact. But it would be interesting, and informative.

I sometimes wish Glorious Trainwrecks had private messaging. I'd like to ask SpindleyQ if he feels it's appropriate or not. If I find him on IRC, I'll ask him there. If he thinks it would be too much hassle for Glorious Trainwrecks, or not in the spirit of the site, I'll take the idea in another direction: either as a Shockwave Flash game submitted somewhere else, or as an animation on YouTube.

My first instinct was to make the game in Klik & Play, simply because I've been getting to grips with the system again, and I thought it would be a fun experiment. But the topic may be too serious for the light-hearted nature of our community.


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Private messaging get! It's

Private messaging get!

It's a bit of an interesting question. I don't have a problem with controversy, and I definitely want to encourage anyone and everyone to make whatever games they envision. The only thing I have a problem with is being a dick.

You can PM me with more details, if you'd like further clarification, but IMO here's the line to be drawn:

I am giving the subject matter a good-natured ribbing
I am providing constructive criticism
I am calling someone out on their bullshit, after ensuring through research and self-reflection that I am not being unduly harsh for petty, stupid reasons, and have not fallen victim to confirmation bias

My opinion is correct and everyone who disagrees is a retard who must be rebuked at every opportunity
My opinion is actually fact and everyone and everything that says otherwise is clearly part of the conspiracy
Fuck you, you bilge-felching fuckbugler, I hate you without any critical thought and here is my game which glorifies Hitler raping aborted kitten fetuses

Technically should be OK, but will cause shit nobody needs: My game will get the site in legal trouble with Scientologists / invaded by 4chan / is critical of Fallout fan forums

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While the idea would

While the idea would probably fall safely on the positive side of the line, it just became moot. The more I worked on the idea, did research, and wrote the now enormous script, the more I realized that I simply wouldn't have time to complete it within a time period that would keep it relevant. Also, I'm having some health issues right now, which might prove rather serious.

I think the best thing for me to do would be to just keep to my technical advances with Klik & Play, and let somebody else take up the banner of advancing the state of satire in quickly produced games.

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Woah, that sucks. Hope

Woah, that sucks. Hope you're feeling better soon.

In any case, we got private messaging and a googlewhack for "fuckbugler" out of this thread, so good has been done here today.

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Is a fuckbugler someone who

Is a fuckbugler someone who plays a trumpet with his cock?

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Yes, thereby blowing his own

Yes, thereby blowing his own trumpet. If Swimmy and his complete lack of shame were here, there would definitely be some kind of edutainment title in this. Miles Davis would be in it, adding helpful hints like "play it right or catholicism says you'll go blind, cracker!"

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I get a funny message when I

I get a funny message when I try to check my PM inbox:

Access denied
You are not authorized to access this page.

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Oops! My bad. Fixed!

Oops! My bad. Fixed!