Zombie Slash Bikini Killers, the list-ening

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I've decided to compile a list of stuff for the next release, for shits and giggles. Feel free to print it off and tape it to the side of your monitor so you can add exclamation marks next to the features that I neglect to add.

- Sexy combo animations
- Zombies that change attacks/animations based on how much of their
shit gets messed up
- Use hitboxes for attacks instead of that separate sword-trail object
- Hidden meaning that compares the relationship of the zombies and
the claustrophobic urban setting as some sort of reference to the
mental struggle of humanity and their modern day environments
- Puddles of gore that hang around due to the low amount of on-
screen dead people (so no huge swarms like in Dethbus and
Zombie Invasion: the Body Explosion).
More blood+less zombies=more violence!
- Trash and chaossss!!!!