Babies that have Rabies

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In 201X, a terrible epidemic hits the world, you are the ones save from it... can you make earth a place to live again?

This is how it goes in zecks games incs newest masterpiece, babiesthathaverabies (bthr), jou are cyperpolice john connor and the only who who can put stop to this mess. you use control and shit tho shoot and aim your remote control tourette. if you can make it you are a true saveior.

Note: sometimes the babies are so dumb that they run staight to their death at the beginning of the level. its particularly hilarious when it happens in the final boss.

Also, the sky level crashes a lot for some reason. sorry for that.

EDIT: Updated with a hopefully less crash prone version. It's also a bit "harder" in the first few levels.

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An event


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Man, Klik & Play's "push a

Man, Klik & Play's "push a direction you're not allowed to go" behaviour is so confusing. I had to look at the source before I figured out that you were only supposed to be able to move diagonally.

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Klik & Play's behavior

Klik & Play's behavior basically says, "If an invalid direction is pressed, just go in the last valid direction." If you have not moved in a valid direction yet, the 'valid direction' is simply the initial direction. So if your Eight Directions movement is told to only accept top-right as a valid direction and the initial direction is pointing down, it'll go down until you move top-right, after which top-right is the only direction you will travel.

MMF changed this behavior. MMF says, "If an invalid direction is pressed, act like no direction is being pressed."

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they're supposed to parody

they're supposed to parody stereotypical (survival) horror game controls, but they don't really make the game any harder :D