A Proper Occasion for Ripped Sprites

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In celebration of the 25th, I have crafted 25 mini-levels to jump through!

I went waaaay overtime on this.

MMF2 has really lousy performance when it comes to rotating/scaling sprites in software rendering.

Shift jumps.
Hold Shift to jump higher, and to bounce higher off the note blocks.
Don't leave any edge of the screen.
Don't hit any Spinies.
Grab the Super Mushroom. If there are coins, grab them first. Then the Super Mushroom will appear.
You can bounce upward off the top corners of the note blocks.
You can go to any number level by typing that number into the File -> Password dialog.
The "Ow, that really huuurht!" voice clip was by Malefact. Sorry.

Edit: You might want to install the "Arcade" font to play this, but it's totally optional.

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I beat all the levels

That is all.

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I just sort of realized that

I just sort of realized that I probably should have put the BLOBNET level one level back so that it's at level 23 just like with Chip's Challenge. Oh well.

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Level 15 was too much for me.

Level 15 was too much for me.

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Second complaint about level

Second complaint about level 15 I've gotten. I knew I should have spent more time sorting the levels by difficulty.

In any case, you can skip over it by entering '16' (without quotes) into File -> Password.

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Thanks to your 'advice' I

Thanks to your 'advice' I was able to 'beat' the 'game'.

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Just out of curiosity, which

Just out of curiosity, which ones did you end up skipping, and for what reason? I guess this is sort of an experiment in game level difficulty in a way.

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Maybe about half of them

Maybe about half of them past there? Whenever I got really close to finishing it, but died from a stupid mistake, I'd just skip it. I did go out of my way to beat level 25, though.

The look is suave

The way the levels appear is real fresh, i like the coin sound that comes with klik legacy, and the track that keeps going even if you die mid-level. the effects and the playability, even the acceleration/deceleration of the main man, those are just sweet extras. I'd gripe about difficulty but I got through all the levels cept the second and third last but with the laid back feel of the levels you included a warp for those truly stuck with the password function. I really liked this though, my only thing i'd do is since the gameplay when i initially played it lasted 30 minutes, more tracks maybe. It is nice hearing that laid back flamenco fusion doki doki panic track though. Splendid work.