Iceland vs. Volcano

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Created because of the annoyance the Icelandic volcano caused me earlier this year. Fortunately the volcano stopped before I had to fly out of the country this Summer.

I went way, way, way over time on this. My three excuses are 1. this is my first KotMK 2. I was mainly held up by my lack of knowledge of Game Maker and 3. because I didn't have much time to spend on it this week...

Anyway, it's a 2 player game. Pick your side, Iceland or Volcano and mash the appropriate button shown underneath the pictures to charge up attacks. Use Q and O to fire attacks for Iceland and Volcano respectively. Volcano does more damage and can use Smog to hide Iceland's input buttons but Iceland can heal itself.


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I think the time limit isn't an issue

What is an issue is I'm only one person and this looks like such a charming 2 player game. I'm only one G. Cut me in half and i'll be a semi loop and a t maybe, i don't know, it wouldn't look good. Who knows? I'm not really sure, but the thumbnail being differnet from the screenshot is a plus in itself. adding the volcano and iceland animation, really cool. I tried playing anyway, potential compatibility issues? nothing registered so i tried MASHING KEYS DOWN. Anyway, nice work and a good look, I hope to see more some time.