Monster Axe

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Fight off all the ugly monsters with the Monster Axe! Featuring MSPaint monsters crowdsourced from

Z or space to jump.
X to toss axe when you have the axe.
Arrows to locomote.

Features 10 boss battles.

Probably a bunch of bugs exist. Reported bugs may be fixed in 18 hours.

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An event


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this game was such a pain in

this game was such a pain in the ass. i would shout "OH GAWD!" millions of times.

it was just VERY VERY hard. i mean i just beat Enslaved on the 360 today but the whole game was nothing compared to yours.

I feel like now that I beat your game I can beat ANY game. It was like the Mega Man of Trainwrecks.

Also it's a great example of how human beings can learn stuff. Video games always have been I think.

First I just used to die very very quickly but the more I played the game I realized how I was just getting better at it. It's really weird how you quickly get the hang of something that seemed impossible to you at first.

I like the sprite of the little dude and the monster design is creative and lovely as well. How I just wish this game had any sounds. I know adding and finding the right sounds in that short time frame is nearly impossible but I think audio adds a lot to a game- the visuals and coding is great.

ah shit forget what ive just said- i didnt beat it. i wrote that text in advance but this game is too fucking hard. ive spent like one hour trying to beat it now and im gonna give up on it. i just dont have the 1337 gaming skills of a japanese. im gonna play the new castlevania on 360 instead.

also features 10 boss battles. 10?! i didnt get that far at all *sigh*


only need to beat 6 of them to win.

Also, sorry about the hardness. It's something I have to intentionally edit out of my game designs.

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I finally killed the

I finally killed the one-eyed witch (tier 3, right door) and the exit door appeared too high for me to reach. =(

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I managed to reach the

I managed to reach the fourth tier and then sorta gave up. I have saved games at the lobbies of each of those four tiers.

I was able to shrink the spider boss, but then it started spitting way too much acid.

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wait YOU CAN SAVE? I wanted


I wanted to see the rest but a collision glitch kept getting me stuck inside of blocks and that was just too annoying.


is a feature present in all Game Maker games which the game designer has to explicitly disable. I guess I forgot this time.

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It's not a big deal. I

It's not a big deal. I didn't save in the middle of any bosses.

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I win. I love the tactic

I win.

I love the tactic you have to use for the final boss.

Also what the FUCK was that monster in the fifth tier?

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Released in the year 2010...

Released in the year 2010... but now in the year 2016 I give this game the moniker of the DARK SOULS of Trainwrecks!